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Please read our site rules and plot, then you can go ahead and create your character. PM any of the admins if you need help afterwards.

Have fun! Very Happy
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Welcome to Written In the Stars! We are a brand-new Harry Potter, Marauder's Era RP!
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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Sat Feb 16, 2013 5:31 am

Hello, Adelaide Carter. Below are the rules of Written In the Stars.

1. Roleplaying
During roleplaying, write down at least a small paragraph. Nobody likes one-liners. If you're new to roleplaying, please, at least try. One-liners are posts like:

Annie walked in the room and took a seat.

Write down a bit more so your fellow RP'ers have more to work with. And sometimes the thread dies very easily, or it gets boring. So, try to put more than one line.

ALSO, correct grammar and spelling is needed. It's okay for a few mistakes, but if your RP partner really doesn't understand what you're saying, then you need to work on it.

2. Bullying
No bullying people out of character. It's a bad thing. Anyone seen bullying should be reported to staff members, and we can warn them. A screenshot would also be handy, so we would know you aren't lying. In-Character bullying is allowed, as long as you and your RP partner has agreed on it.

3. Usernames
Your username must be your character's name, like "Annie Jones" or "Tyler Scott." No "HarryPotterLuvr123" or "hogwartsizzawsum456." If you need any username changes, you could go click the "Profile" button and edit your username.

4. Cussing
"Bloody hell," "crap," and "damn" are allowed. Words that aren't mentioned aren't.

5. Advertising
When advertising, please do not put up any pornographic sites. Sure, a bit mature content posts are allowed, but if your site is mainly focused on pornography, then we are not going to allow it.

Also, don't go around the forum telling people to check out your site. It can annoy people.

6. Sexual Content
For students, kissing and hugging is okay, but obviously no sexual content. The adult characters may have sex, but please don't make it too detailed. Also, when a thread becomes sexual, edit the thread title and add "Mature" so that people would be warned.

7. Characters
We don't have any character limits, but make sure you could handle them all. We don't want any inactive characters in the forum.

And no Mary Sue's and Gary Stu's allowed. Those are the perfect characters; no flaws, no weaknesses, and stuff like that. Make them more realistic. Give them flaws and weaknesses.

Also it would be nice if your characters had different personalities. If you keep playing characters that are all friendly and nice, that's just... well, it gets boring.

8. God-Moding
God-moding is controlling the actions of another character. Example:

Mary hits Jane in the face and Jane runs away, crying.

That is not allowed. You could say:

Mary hits Jane in the face.

It's up to the other person to decide whether or not Jane was hit, and whether or not she ran away crying.

9. Spamming
It's annoying, it's stupid, and it's not allowed. Spamming is flooding the forum with the same message. Like, posting "check out my site!" several times on the same thread is spamming.

10. Double-Posting
Double-posting during RP isn't allowed. There's a reason the edit button is there. The only forums you are allowed to double post in are the Who's Who (if adding/deleting character) and Requests (if your request is already filled out and you want people to know).

Anyone who breaks rules number 2, 4, 5, 8, and 9 will get a warning. The second time you break it, you will get a three-day ban. Third time, you are banned for a week. Fourth, a month. Fifth, you're banned forever.

xx The Staff
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Site Rules
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